Bachata Ladies Bootcamp with Deisy Carrera!

To the all WOMEN in the world !!! Don’t forget what you’re worth
Because WE RUN THE WORLD !!!

In the dance world there is a lot of controversy about who is a more important part of the couple – a man or a woman. It is sometimes believed that ladies don’t matter, the guys teach and lead after all. We disagree. We believe women are as essential in couple dance as men are, their talent, their interpretation of the male suggested moves are what makes the dance complete.
We pick the most amazing, most talented women from all over the world so they can share their exceptional work with you.

We want to present to you a new amazing portion of news:
Deisy Carrera Loor an amazing Bachata dancer and instructor is our new discovery: amazing hip movement, great interpretation, fantastic attitude during the workshops, very good energy management, you won’t get bored or frustrated with the material. Definitely a new female superstar in the Latin Dance Community.
Deisy will guide you through a 6hrs course: from bachata sensual. moderna to dominicana she will build a stage presentation. Join the bootcamp, price details are coming up soon!


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