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Online payment possible throughout the event. Sale of tickets for cach only possible at MCK Katowice.
Online discount coupons valid only until 4.11.2023

Full price list is available here


Before you continue please make sure you have read the “Terms and Conditions” (below) and “Safety Regulations”. Proceeding to on-line payment you agree to and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and “SAFETY REGULATIONS. Credit card transactions’ and e-transfers’ settlements are handled by Settlments Dotpay Center (Centrum Rozliczeniowe Dotpay).

By purchasing the ticket you agree with :
“I hereby declare that I am aware that the organizer and administrator of personal data is Chagowska Productions and I agree with privacy policy”

Terms of purchase






  • There is a 14 day return policy when purchasing a pass. After the 14th day from the date of purchase, we do not accept pass returns for any reason. This includes any accidents or emergencies..
  • Passes purchased after 25.10.2022 can only be returned until 08.11.2022. Receiving the wristband at the festival office automatically blocks the possibility of returning it.
  • Multipasses (couple passes, group passes registered as one pass for many people) treated as one pass are purchased by one transaction, which means that only the entire pass can be returned. Half or part of the pass cannot be returned
  • A change of pass owner can be made at no cost, but the change should be reported until 4.11.2022.
  • Resale of passes and change of the name assigned to the pass can be made only once, no later than 4.11.2022. A purchased pass cannot be resold to another person. The 14-day return policy does not apply after a change of owner. The organiser does not act as an intermediary in the search for a new purchaser. Participants settle the accounts with each other.
  • The original owner of the pass sends a notification of the change to the organiser at by 4.11.2022 at the latest, stating the name and email address of the new owner.
  • Title of the message: Resale of passa:
    Name of original owner:
    Email of original owner:
    Passa type:
    New owner’s name:
    Email of new owner:
    Country and city:
  • Passes for special activities like BOOTCAMP and LAB may be subject to separate resale rules indicated at the description of the particular ticket.
  • After 4.11.2022, we do not accept requests for change of pass owner regardless of the reason.
  • Part of the pass purchased as couple pass or group pass, can be resold. However, when changing the owner of the pass, it is necessary to maintain the ratio, that is, the resale is done as Leader-Leader, Follower-Follower.
  • It is possible to exchange a pass type for another for a similar or wider festival package for an additional charge in the following options:
    EXTENSION of the festival package, e.g. Salsa Pass to VIP Pass, etc.
    CHANGE of a style pass, e.g. Salsa Pass to Cuban Pass, etc.
  • In order to do that, you need to inform the organizer about your wish to exchange the pass and pay the difference in price between the original and new pass, according to the price list. In the case of exchange for a cheaper pass, the organiser will not refund the price difference.

    After the change of pass type, the 14-day return policy does not apply.

    Reduction of festival package is treated as a return, possible only within 14 days after purchase.

    For detailed terms and conditions please see the full REGULATIONS.

  • Passes to 17 EL SOL WARSAW SALSA FESTIVAL won in competitions or received free of charge are not refundable, transferred to another event or edition or exchangeable for cash. It is possible to extend the package of such a pass under the general conditions of sale. If the winner of a competition already holds a pass for a given edition, he/she may rewrite the competition pass to another person within a maximum of 7 days of the announcement of the competition results. Otherwise, the transfer of the winning pass is not possible.
  • Passes sold as part of PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL OFFERS may be subject to separate return, resale and exchange rules, which are specified in each promotion’s regulations.
  • In order to receive festival wristbands and gain entry to the event, it is necessary to present the NAMED EBILET sent as an attachment to this message and the ID or any document with a photo.

    It is OBLIGATORY to wear the festival wristband during the entire festival. It must be shown every time when asked by festival staff or security personnel.

  • Each participant is entitled to 1 festival wristband for the whole event, issued upon registration. We will change them only if the wristband is broken for reasons beyond the user’s control. In such a situation, bring the damaged wristband to the festival office and exchange it for a new one.
  • Please make sure that your wristband is not too tight or wide when you put it on at the festival office, as this cannot be a reason for a wristband complaint.
  • We would like to kindly inform you that during the event photos will be taken and video materials will be recorded, which may include images of individual persons participating in it.

Customer service and Company address data:

NIP: 5252621566