Catch a cheaper pass – only 4 days left!

Catch a cheaper pass – only 4 days left!
7 000 El Sol WSF flyers have been distributed all over the world, 110 volunteers will be joining our team for the event, we will need over 1 000 liters of water for our instructors, we are going to order more than 6 500 various wrist bands for passes, in the Stargate Shows you will see: 12 groups, 7 duets and 11 solo artists.
These are just some of the numbers that accompany us at this stage of event preparations.


The most important numbers of the day are:

– 4 days left until the new prices arrive

– In 11 days the online ticket sales will be closed

– It’s only 14 days left before the event begins

El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival is the World’s favourite European festival. You just can’t miss it!

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