CUBANyork Bootcamp by Maykel Fonts & Marco Ferrigno


CUBANyork Bootcamp by Maykel Fonts & Marco Ferrigno
Go to the stage with them and learn how they work with their teams.
Its a unique experience. Advanced level, intense work out, fast tempo!
New exclusive choreography for elSol by 2 amazing dancers and visionaries:
Marco Ferrigno and Maykel Fonts.
Mambo moderno by Marco Ferrigno and Cuban dances and all the culture of Cuba by Maykel Fonts.
If u want to grow as a dancer, clean your style, focus on technique – This is your opportunity!
Intensive 6 hours (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of learning NEW UNIQUE FUSION CHOREOGRAPY – CUBAN & NY STYLE: afro cuban dances fused with salsa and contemporary flow.
Get your bootcamp experience at the best price:
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