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Starting his career as a DJ, TRESORman mixed the music of such artists as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, New Order, Ultravox or OMD. In high school, he and his colleagues were the originators and organisers of a rave, techno and house event at the Firana Cabana club. He owes his nickname, DJ TRESORman, to his extensive collection of records with electro, techno, minimal and house music released by TRESOR, a renowned Berlin-based record company.

He started his adventure with salsa in the first half of 2005, at Arek Domagała’s dance classes, and continued intensive dance education at Salsa Factory, a Warsaw-based school of salsa. Since 2005, Artur’s music interests have changed and he started to collect albums with Latin American music.

DJ TRESORman presently cooperates with Oye! Dance Studio, Salsa Bielsko, Torres Salsa Group, Salsa Libre and Urban Dance Zone providing music support at Latino events in Poland. His DJ sets are characterised by excellent mixing technique, sense of climate on the dance floor, great contact with the audience and spontaneity. He hates monotony and likes to surprise. The circle of his steady “patients” keeps increasing.

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