Draft workshop schedule now online!

We have already posted the first draft of the workshop schedule that includes the names of the instructors. Workshop levels and topics will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Those with a keen eye may have already noticed an additional set of classes. These masterclass workshops are geared towards professional and semi-professional dancers who are seeking to expand their skills and learn from the best in an intimate, small-group setting. To ensure the quality of the training and personal attention of the instructors, places in this group will be strictly limited to 50 people. The pace of instruction will be much faster than in a regular workshops.

To express your interest in the master class workshops, please send an email to Ania Chagowska at a.chagowska@salsalibre.pl, with your dance CV and a short note explaining why you’d like to participate. To maintain a balanced ratio of male and female dancers, we will ask masterclass participants to register in couples.

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