There will be an ambulance outside the hotel where You can get your test done.

THURSDAY 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM
FRIDAY 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
SATURDAY 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
SUNDAY 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

PCR TEST – 370 PLN / 80 EUR

Payment by cash. The result will be given in english.

What are the current safety rules in Poland?

  • Maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters outside and indoors
  • Covering the mouth and nose in public closed spaces only with a mask.
  • The mouth and nose do not need to be covered : in forests, parks, green squares, botanical gardens, historic gardens, family community gardens and on beaches as well as while travelling by private car.
  • Events taking place in closed rooms operate under a strict sanitary regime at no more than 75% occupancy. Event organisers must ensure that the limit of 1 person per 10 m2 is observed. Wearing masks covering both mouth and nose is mandatory.

See below for more information.



What are the safety rules at the festival?

  • The Festival is open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated participants. In the interest of safety, we recommend that all participants take a COVID19 test prior to arrival at the event. Participants who are not vaccinated will be required to take the test in order to attend the event.
  • the organizer has the right to verify the vaccination certificate. In the case of false data, the organizer reserves the right not to allow the participant to enter the event.
  • every participant is required to fill in and sign the health declaration provided by the organiser truthfully. If the health condition or the questionnaire raise suspicions of a threat to other Participants of the event, the Organizer may decide not to let such a person into the event area.
  • it is recommended that people in all common areas keep a distance of not less than 1.5 m between them, use mouth and nose protection and frequent hand disinfection
  • participants should always have a mask with them. The organizer has the right to ask the participant to put on a mask at any time.
  • in the event of being in contact with a person suffering from COVID19 or the occurrence of disturbing symptoms, every participant is obligated to immediately inform the organizer about such situation
  • the venue will provide hand sanitizer dispensers available for participants near entrance/at the reception, next to bathrooms and at least one in every workshop room.
  • the venue provides disinfection of sanitary facilities, changing rooms, toilets and zones used by the Participant as often as it is possible. 
  • the halls will be ventilated regularly and between all workshops
  • the Organizer does not allow bystanders to stay at the facility.


Detailed rules can be found at the link below: https://salsafestival.pl/en/procedure-for-the-implementation-of-the-sanitary-safety-policy/ 


Will it be possible to test for COVID19 during the Festival?

  • the organizer does not provide COVID19 tests before or during the event
  • if a certain number of participants are interested in taking a COVID19 test before departure, the Organizer will provide the opportunity to do so at the participant’s expense on Sunday in front of the hotel. In the event of little interest, the organizer will provide a list of facilities in the vicinity where the test can be performed. Information about the tests and the application form will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided when purchasing tickets. Please do not send emails on this matter.


Who is subjected to mandatory quarantine?

10-day entry quarantine applies to persons who:

  • are crossing the border of the Republic of Poland which constitutes the external border of the EU
  • Travellers who have been quarantined in Poland may perform a test – on the 8th day at the earliest, counting from the day after crossing the border – with a negative result releasing them from quarantine.
  • are crossing the Polish border from the Schengen zone
  • Travellers who have been quarantined may perform a test within 48 hours of crossing the border, with a negative test result releasing them from quarantine.
  • had contact with persons infected with the coronavirus, or are living with an infected (isolated) person,
  • have been referred for a COVID-19 test by a primary or night care physician.

Attention! People traveling from India, South Africa, Brazil, Great Britain and Northern Ireland cannot be released from quarantine on the basis of a test performed within 48 hours after returning to Poland. This possibility is allowed only after 7 days.

See below for more information. 



Who is not subject to mandatory quarantine?

Travelers who come to Poland are exempt from compulsory quarantine if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • are fully vaccinated with all vaccine doses required and 14 days have passed since their final dose was administered (counting from the day following the last vaccination date), and their vaccination is certified by the EU digital COVID certificate or another document, in Polish or English, confirming vaccination with a vaccine that has been authorised in the European Union i.e.: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so-called convalescents), no later than 6 months before the day of crossing the Polish border. Convalescents must present a document confirming that they had indeed been infected, issued in Polish or English; acceptable documents include the EU digital COVID certificate,
  • are children under 12 years of age who are travelling under the supervision of adults vaccinated against COVID19,
  • can present a negative COVID-19 test result, confirmed with an EU COVID certificate or another document in Polish or English. Such a test must be performed no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border – it applies only to travelers coming to Poland from the EU Member States, from the Schengen area and from Turkey

See below for more information.



I can’t come to the festival. Can I return the Pass?


If travel to the event is not possible due to:

  • restrictions in the country of the festival (Poland),
  • restrictions imposed on a particular country,
  • restrictions imposed by the country from which the Participant is coming
  • In case the participant is quarantined due to COVID-19 (Organizer may request a written statement about the quarantine)


There are 2 options to choose:

  • refund of 80% of the funds incurred for the ticket
  • transfer of the money paid for the ticket to any other event organized by Chagowska Productions or Anna Chagowska Latin Events with option to use it until the end of 2022.


Any of the above mentioned situations must be notified to the Organizer not later than on November 10th, 2021 together with a decision on your funds.


See below for more information.



Will the Hotel refund the money for the accomodation if the Festival is cancelled?

  • for COVID19 cancellation conditions, please contact the hotel directly or check the cancellation policy provided during the booking process
  • the regulations regarding the reservation and its cancellation may differ depending on the date of its making or the website through which it is made
  • the organizers of the Festival have no influence on the terms and conditions of the booking or its cancellation in force at the hotel