Griselle Ponce’s LAB

Try this intensive training with Griselle Ponce, find out what’s the recipe for her amazing style and create your own.
In a 40 people’ class you will be able to ask questions and get the personal attention you need to grow.

3 hours of intensive a total body Immersive experience.

Fundamentals, body movement, coordination, musicality , rhythm and timing.

• body awareness
• body control
• cadence

Learn how to peel the layers of what the essence of your own movement really is.

Griselle provides an environment that’s nurturing and expressive yet strong and focused.

You will be challenged from beginning to end, not just with your body but with your mind.  The content, her method and pedagogy bring a lot of attention, focus and awareness of how each movement is connected to every single working part of the body.  From the metatarsal to the crown of the head.

Learn how to use pockets of time & movement to style, and express how you interpret the music and dance.

Get a boost of confidence, & feel powerful when you dance.






Advanced GRISELLE’S LAB will take place on Saturday and Sunday during the event.

GRISELLE PONCE’S PASS includes LAB ONLY (no other workshops, no festival parties).

This lets you combine it with any workshop pass of your choice (VIP, SALSA, CUBAN, SENSUAL) or PARTY PASS.