Have you got what it takes to be a star?

Are you a dancer/dance team looking to share your talent with the public? Do you think you belong on the big stage?

Warsaw Salsa Festival offers you the unique opportunity to step into the spotlight and share the stage with Eddie Torres, Maykel Fonts, Yamulee, and the rest of our amazing line-up!

This year we will again be hosting a series of lunch break performances on Saturday and Sunday. This is a chance for talented salsa dancers, whether amateur or professional, to show off their skills, gain recognition and rub shoulders with established artists!

The winners of each day’s stargate shows, chosen by a panel of professional dancers/instructors (including Adolfo Indacochea, Super Mario and Afrolatin Connection), will get the chance to perform on the main stage during the festival parties. In addition, each stargate shows participant will get a 15% discount on the current pass price (for any pass that gives access to workshops).

To take part in stargate shows send a video of your show to Ania Chagowska at a.chagowska@salsalibre.pl by the end of September. Don’t wait until the last moment, as places are limited to 6 shows per day! Please note that every stargate performer needs to have a workshop pass (VIP pass, Salsa Pass, Sensual Pass or Cuban Pass).

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