Hotel Soundgarden – the reservation site has just been opened!

We know that sleeping is not a priority during our event, however, it’s good to have a comfortable bed to perch on for a quick nap between workshops and parties or, if you will, between parties and workshops 🙂

As we want to take care of your comfort, we are preparing a range of accommodation choices for you. We open the list with the Soundgarden Hotel.

This already  well known to you hotel is distinguished by a modern interior design and close proximity to the main event venue.

Soungarden is our choice because of:

  • Close proximity to the event’s main venue – SANGATE Hotel (previously known as Gromada Hotel). Only 10 minutes of an easy walk
  • Modern interior design
  • Free WI-FI and transport from and to the airport
  • Delicious breakfast included in the room price
  • Prices for a double room start from 299 PLN (approximately 67 EUR)


All the bookings of the Soungarden Hotel are made through our website: https://salsafestival.pl/en/hotels/ The reservation site has just been opened!

This year we are expecting 5000 participants. Don’t let other 4999 people take your bed!


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