How to get a refund on your 2016 pass?

Here are a few easy steps how to get a refund on your 2016 pass.

  1. Get our special flyers of 12th El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival.
  2. Where to find them? At salsa schools, the biggest salsa events or you can ask for them the leaders of your El Sol Festival groups.
  3. When you get it, open it J On the left, you will see a circle where you can sign your name and email.
  4. Tear the circle out and take it to El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival
  5. Drop it in the special box placed in the registration area.

Isn’t it easy? We will select one person per night to get a  refund of his or her 2016 pass. If you are not there, we will email you for transfer details. Good luck !!!


Only 5 days left before the prices go up !!! Don’t wait any longer ! Get your pass now.

Buy your pass today !

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