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It’s all about people – Charlie Garcia

We are starting something more personal and more individual for out top artists who will be part of 14th El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival. We believe in long-lasting relationship, friendly communication and personality each person brings to our meetings. In number of questions and answers we will give bring you in the world of the artists where you will get to know more about their life when not on stage, something specific and personal from their daily life.

Charlie Garcia is a world-renowned salsa dancer, instructor and choreographer based in NYC. His dynamic and authentic style gained him recognition and has allowed him to showcase his talent at some of the greatest performance venues for Latin dancing. Some of his latest work includes both choreographing for and dancing in the upcoming film “SHINE”, and being featured as a dancer on NBC’s Best Time Ever w/ Neil Patrick Harris.

Check out the short buzz

WSF: What do you prefer to eat, your favourite food?

Charlie:I need a Caramel Macchiato every day and besides that I’m a pasta lover!

WSF: When you fly what do you do up there?

Charlie: I catch up on video games! I never have time to play videos games being married and always working with my wife, so the best time to play is while she’s asleep on the plane /laughing loud/

WSF: Which one do you prefer: social dance, performing or class

Charlie: CLASS!

WSF: What makes you happy?

Charlie:Happy people make me happy! There’s nothing like being around laughter and smiling faces. I love to bring to joy to people and vice versa, when they bring joy to me!

WSF: Favorite or most inspirational place?

Charlie: Home is where the heart is. My favourite and most inspirational place is home! Close to all of those dear to my heart.

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