It’s all about people – Tania Cannarsa

We are starting something more personal and more individual for out top artists who will be part of 14th El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival. We believe in long-lasting relationship, friendly communication and personality each person brings to our meetings. In number of questions and answers we will give bring you in the world of the artists where you will get to know more about their life when not on stage, something specific and personal from their daily life.

foto: Marc Chang

Tania Cannarsa is a top artist in the salsa world known for her natural smoothness and mambo style dancing! Her movements reflect the unison of technical skills and street style, tradition and instinct, real elegance showing the beauty of dancing.

WSF: Hi Tania, what keeps you strong and what gives you power and energy in your life?

Tania: I think every day how lucky I am, I’m such a lucky woman!!!!This make me strong!!!

WSF: We are very keen to know how a day of Tania looks like when not at a Festival?

Tania: I wake up and I get my breakfast at my favourite bar. Then take a walk with my dog and I go to the gym. I love eating in my favourite restaurants almost every day, I train with my dance partner and when I don’t teach at night, I love staying at home watching movies.

WSF: Do you have any rituals that you do before going on the stage?

Tania: Yes, I do have. I pray my family to take care of me when I’m on stage, in a very specific order: I pray for my dad first, then my mom, my grandma and grandpa and last my Kira.

WSF: Share with us what you are looking for when choosing a scene costume, anything that needs to be always taking into account?

Tania: The style and the colour of my costume depends on the song that I use for my performance.

WSF: What do you prefer to eat, your favorite food?

Tania: Pasta and pizza! I’m Italian!!!

WSF: When you fly what do you do up there?

Tania: I sleep most of the time

WSF: What do you prefer: Fairy tale Christmas in a beautiful house lighted and decorated with Christmas mood or Sunny place, an Iseland with golden sands and clean, blue and green water?

Tania: Fairy tale Christmas

WSF: What makes you happy?

Tania: I’m in love with dogs, especially my dog. Meeting beautiful souls all around the world makes me also happy.

WSF: Favorite or most inspirational place?

Tania: Home is my favourite place for sure!

WSF: What is your dream project?

Tania: I have many dream project…in my personal life, I want to be mom (that’s THE BIG project). Talking about my job I would like to continue my career traveling maybe one day just teaching and coaching my own team

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