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Intensive Workshop with Karel Flores


Long awaited special intensive workshop with Karel Flores. Work on your technique, check out what she’s been up to these last 3 years and what has changed in the NYC flavor. Get a dose of the latin female power again.

Prices starts from 369 PLN/ 79 EUR (first 5 tickets)

The next will be 439 PLN/ 95 EUR

– 4h of training

– intensive workshop will take place from Friday till Sunday

– intermediate level

– workshop is dedicated to the ladies & to the gents 🙂


Bootcamp Ticket Regulations: 
1. Bootcamp ticket includes ONLY special classes, does not give admission to other workshops and classes.
2) Bootcamp is a technical workshop. The class is based on exercises to improve the technique of a particular style. The workshop does not include learning choreography.
4) Bootcamp does not include a show on stage.
5) Technical Bootcamp is at the intermediate level You are required to know the basic steps of the style.
6. There is a group discount for the bootcamp after Early Bird tickets are sold out. Ask your promoter about the code!
7. Bootcamp ticket is considered like any other ticket, it is subject to the terms and conditions of purchase, which is available on the website: