Keep Calm & Get Cuban

KEEP CALM & GET CUBAN – a pass for those who feel Cuban blood in their veins:

  • 14 hours of Cuban style workshops like RUMBA, CASINO, RUEDA, TIMBA, AFROCUBA, REGGAETON with the best of the best like: Maykel Fonts, Kirenia Cantin Diaz, Alberto Valdes, Raydel Zaldivar Brito, Dalniel Pancerz, Eryk & Martyna
  • 4 all-night long parties with the best cuban Djs.
  • concerts, Marco Ferrigno Show, shows of our instructors and young artists.
  • best dancers in one place, in one weekend, ready to dance, have fun and meet people who share their passion.

Check out our workshops schedule! Our direction -> CUBA! http://www.salsafestival.pl/workshops/schedule/

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