OKSANA Urban Kiz Bootcamp

Oksana Urban Kiz Bootcamp

This is a special 4hrs body movement and footwork training with the amazing teacher and dancer Oksana Sidorskaya.
Oksana will correct dancers personally. It will be an exclusive closed group focused on training. The expected level is upper intermediate or advanced.
You will get more tools to express yourself, also ideas and tips where to use these movements or steps in your dancing with a partner.
She will build up a routine, explain movements and at the end of this project if you want you take part in a final presentation that is going to be recorded by our professional videographer Zak Prod. Of course there will be no forcing 🙂 You can chose not to „perform” but we suggest you take on the challenge. It is what makes you grow!

– 4h of training
– intensive workshop will take place on Saturday and Sunday
– final video by Zak Prod
– workshop is dedicated to the ladies & to the gents 🙂

Get your bootcamp experience at the best price:

Early Bird : 49 EUR

Ticket for special classes includes only selected SPECIAL WORKSHOPS!
It does not include admission to other workshops and parties!

If the participant wants to take part in other festival activities then it is necessary to purchase an additional ticket!

Those interested in an additional ticket (workshop or Party Pass) can receive a 20% discount on the selected pass.
This should be reported by email to a.bul@elsolfestival.pl informing what type of pass they have chosen. The discount only works when the participant has purchased a Bootcamp and wants to buy another ticket, not in reverse (when the participant has purchased a pass and buys a Bootcamp). For Bootcamp, group discounts apply after the Early Bird tickets are sold out and counts towards group statistics.