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ESSF and Sara Panero deliver dance education and training to your home.

Now you can learn in your comfort zone and in your own time and still get together with a team of ambitious Bachateras from all over the world and virtually perform in a video for El Sol Salsa Festival’s and Sara Panero’s social media.


This special virtual space is for dancers to learn & master their skills and to give you the TEAM experience especially now in these isolated times. Let us connect internationally through dance.


The project is 6 hours long.

Step 1. You will receive access to 4 videos, each 50-60 minutes’ long with Sara teaching You the choreography.

Step 2. You will join a 2 hours of  interactive zoom meeting with Sara where all of You will be able to ask questions and Sara will be able to observe your work and correct you. You will receive the link per email 4 h before the class.

Step 3. All videos (also from the ZOOM class) will be available online for 6 months so You can easily come back to this wonderful experience.

Step 4. After our zoom meeting you will have 1 week to polish your choreography and record a video with you dancing it 🙂

Don’t worry, You will receive professional guidelines from our technical team which will help You do it right, so we can include you in the final video.

You will get the guidelines the by e-mail and we will post them on Facebook group as well.

Step 5. We will produce a professional video clip with you in it. We will publish it in our social media channels (FB, YT, IG) so you can get seen and admired.

Step 6. We will be all in this together 🙂 Private facebook group will be our space to get to know each other. Questions and discussions will be more than welcome there.



18th of June – 8th of July – we are waiting for you to register and we will add You to the private facebook group & our list as a member of the project

4th of July – we are publishing 4 videos. The time you have to work with them it’s up to you. Sooner you register sooner you have access to videos. The material should be assimilated before the zoom meeting.

11th of July 4:00 pm CET – we all join zoom meeting to work on the choreography and ask questions

18th of July is the deadline for You to send the video recorded according to our guidelines (see Step 4.)

1st of August is the date of THE WORLD PREMIERE



– 49 EUR – for the first 10 registered ladies

– 54 EUR – for the next 10 registered ladies

– 59 EUR – regular price


About Sara:

Sara Panero is a Spanish dancer and she was born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1993.

For 7 years she has been formed in various disciplines of dance such as ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, and hip hop.
At the age of 16 she started with Latin dances, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. When she was just 18, and having finished her secondary education in her hometown, Sara went to do the entrance exam at the Conservatory of Dance Fortea (Madrid), to specialize in classical ballet.
In September 2012, Sara became Marco Espejo’s dancing partner. In this same year they won 2 national bachata competitions and created their own professional company of bachata called ‘Esencia’.
In 2013 Marco and Sara were proclaimed as national champions of Bachata couple 4 times. The following year (2014) they became national runners-up with their professional company ‘Esencia’.



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