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Social Tricks LAB with Panagiotis and Myrto


For the first time at EL SOL Warsaw Salsa Festival !!!
A 4 hours LAB with Panagiotis and Myrto – SOCIAL TRICKS LAB
Panagiotis and Myrto is definitely a higly talented and ambitious couple taking the salsa Ny style community by storm! Myrto extremely gorgeous and driving men crazy with her extraordinary feminine styling and body movement! Panagiotis attracting attention with his unique way of combining elements to the craziest and trickiest turn Patterns one can imagine!! A combination of fun style elegance speed and pure salsa and mambo !!
Check LAB program:
1st hour: Focus on your Basics!!!
How to Lead and Follow. In this hour learn the most important fundamentals in partnerwork. How to hold and improve your connection with your partner through basic moves. Build your technique and get ready for the next level !
2nd hour: Put some Style and Spins in your Partnerwork!!!
You are ready now to spice up your moves with style and spins. Everything about ladies arms in partnerwork and your footwork during turn preparations and styling.
3rd Hour: Surprise the Lady, Change Directions and Hand Tricks!!!! Make the difference in the dancefloor with surprise moves, unexpected turns, hand flicks and drops which will drive your partner crazy!
4th hour: Create your own Partnerwork and Social Madness Time Special Tips and Secrets of Creativity and a big challenge putting everything together!
4 hours of training ( Saturday & Sunday )
Don’t miss the chance to learn how these hands works during their unique partnerwork.
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LAB PASS is subject to standard Terms & Conditions excluding the level of resale fee which in case of LAB PASS is fixed at 10 EUR  per person (20 EUR per couple). It is possible to resell LAB pass only to the person of the same gender as the original owner.

* Organizers of EL SOL WARSAW SALSA FESTIVAL reserve rights to cancel the LAB in case there are not enough participants in the project.



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