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For the first time in Poland!
One of the most educated and trained artists in the salsa community, original, charismatic. Looking for art instead of commercial entertainment. Very hard working and always focused on top quality and depth in his artistic and educational work. In his musicality classes you will become one with music. He is bringing 4 more team mebers and apparently Angelo never says no to a dance at night 😉 He is here to share love and passion.
Born in Taranto, Italy on 27.11.88, Angelo has a unique style rich in originality, charisma and personality. Body skills, constant discipline and musical predisposition have revealed his art as refined and elegant, and they allow him to interpret dance as art that gives emotions from the
heart. He is probably one of the most educated artists in the Latin community: a pianist, composer, singer, actor and dancer of this wide dance repertoire: Modern, House, Tap Dance, Latin Jazz, Street Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Afro, Contemporary, Rumba, Mambo.
He has developed a dance style in which the expression has crossed the musical perception: it is the peculiar fusion of different motion techniques such as Latin Jazz, House, Tap Dance, Afro, Cuban and Contemporary Afro. The result is a that special freedom of expression in the musical phrase in a strong connection
between music and dance. He also danced and still dance in the following genres, in addition to the above listed: standard international dances; ballroom; tango; slow fox; quickstep.
He’s known all over the world for creating a new style called “Musicality”. It’s an energetic complex of music interpreted with the body, its’s about living the music until your bones and being transported to became one thing with music. It’s very difficult because of the complexity of sounds and artistic technique. For this reason people in the world call him “Mr. Musicality”.
Music is all his life, he has a pure bond with it, he speaks to it since he was a child because he always had always found his happy place in music.
Some of Angelo’s extensive training outside of dance includes: Feldenkreis method, electronic music and sound technology, actor formation in NYC, Yoga, Ashtanga Power.
Angelo also studied various dance forms at the Brodway Dance Center, Contemporary Martha Graham Method and Contemporary Horton method at Alvin Ailey American Dance Teather, where he was accepted for a 3 years professional training program.
At elSol he will show up with 4 extra team member of „ritual dance”, he will teach 3 classes in musicality and perform an artistic show with his team. All of these
gentleman will be present at the socials rocking the dance floor. Angelo never says
now to a dance 😉
See an example of his work, completely diffrent from anything you’ve ever seen:

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