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Patrick Helegbe is originally from Togo in Africa. His natural African rhythm added flavour to his humble beginnings as a Salsa (Cuban and linear) and Bachata social dancer. As the wave of Kizomba hit Paris like a Tsunami, Patrick joined the movement and picked up the dance
effortlessly. After 1 year of dancing, at every chance he could get, he decided to start teaching. His decision to start teaching was primarily sparked by many people asking him to share his knowledge of the dance as well as his passion for it; furthermore, he possessed the pedagogy required to make the dance palatable for people of all levels and dance backgrounds.

When Patrick isn’t dancing or making us move on the dance floor with his stellar dj’ing skills, surprisingly, this light-hearted, soft spoken young man with the killer smile can be found kicking ass in a boxing or martial arts ring. But don’t let this scare you off (which it hasn’t I’m sure, evidenced by the line-up to dance with him every night), Patrick is very humble and accessible to people. He doesn’t consider himself on a different level than anyone else…he says “I’m just a regular dancer, always eager to dance with any and everyone.” He will never say no even if it means dancing in the DJ booth while he mixes. With teaching engagements that have taken him all over the world.

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