DJ Tresorman


When he took his first steps behind the console, he mixed mainly electronic dance music. Already in high school, he was the creator and organizer of many club events, where he also debuted as a DJ. With age, DJ Tresorman’s musical interests changed and his album collection got enriched with Latin American music (including many valuable, collector’s vinyl LPs with Latin jazz and salsa vieja). Currently, DJ Tresorman works with event organizers throughout Poland (he specializes in modern Cuban music) and plays at the biggest international dance events (El Sol Festival, Guaguancó Festival, Calle de Timberos, Festival Timba Paradies, Festival Cuba in Tunisia, Festival Cubano), spinning white-hot tunes. His professionalism, years of experience and a broad musical knowledge allow him to have a great connection with the audience. DJ Tresorman hates monotony in music and likes to surprise, no wonder the circle of his ‘patients’ is still growing.

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