Dwe & Gaby

The Netherlands

While many in the scene have already given them special nicknames, most still know them as the international stars: Dwé & Gaby. A duo – who since the start of their partnership – has become an indispensable household name in the global Kizomba scene. Dwé & Gaby are known for their precise and refined execution, but above all for their energetic and creative flow. “A deadly combination” if you ask the Kizomba scene!
With their refined execution, in addition to these successes, they have won many prizes in a short time. Here is a glimpse of their trophy cabinet:
• March 2019: National winners Battle Kiz France
• May 2019: Winners Dutch qualification Olympiads of Kizomba
• June 2019: Finalist Olympiads of Kizomba in Urban Kiz
• October 2019: Winners Battle kiz Dutch qualification world edition
Before Dwé & Gaby officially started partnering, they were both teachers at the same dance school. In a short time a close friendship developed and they soon noticed that preparing high quality lessons came very easily to them. Not only that; dancing together was always fun, innovative and challenging. It was therefore only logical to join forces in 2019 and start a partnership to conquer the world together!

Dwé grew up in a very musical family on Curaçao. Where one sang in a band, the other played several instruments. It was therefore not very surprising that Dwé followed in his family’s footsteps and played in several bands in his teenage years. A musical boy with an ear for sound was born here. Despite his passion for music, football was his first love. And although it was his dream to make this his job, life took him on a different path. As a commercial service provider, he already thought outside the box, but as a Kizomba/Urban Kizomba teacher, that became his profession.
At the age of 19, Dwé decided in 2013 to take Kizomba lessons with Stephen Jacobus in Tilburg. After taking lessons for 3 months, he decided to discover for himself and to invest more time and energy in the dance. His potential and will to develop in dance did not go unnoticed. Soon Dwé was invited to join the then dance group Kiz-natics. This was his first step in the kizomba world.
In 2016 Dwé became one of the senior teachers of a large dance school in Rotterdam. Together with his partner at the time, he gave many lessons in the Netherlands, but that was not enough for Dwé. In 2019 Dwé decided to partner with Gaby to conquer the world together. In a short time they were able to share their vision with people all over the world. His typical vision for this dance has ensured that Dwé has spread his wings and founded his own dance school in 2022. “Elevate your Kiz” was born. A place where you can always grow in dance, as a beginner or even as a teacher. Everyone is welcome!

With her Ecuadorian background, Gaby is not entirely unknown in the Salsa and Bachata world. At home, those dances were poured in with the young spoon. Yet Gaby was also completely crazy about ballet from an early age. It is therefore not surprising that Gaby danced different ballet styles from the age of 4 to 19. Think of classical, modern and jazz ballet. It was therefore her young girl’s dream to turn her hobby into her profession. Unfortunately, an injury threw a spanner in the works and Gaby was forced to give up ballet. And life kinda got in the way, which meant that – before she knew it – she hadn’t danced for almost 6 years. Until Gaby found her love for dancing in 2015 when she started dancing Kizomba. Her passion for dancing has since fully awakened and her young girl’s dream has
come true! Gaby has been a teacher in Urban Kiz since 2017 and since 2019 she has been partnering with Dwé to conquer the world together. And if that’s not enough, Gaby expanded her portfolio in 2020 by offering High heels classes. Cuz who run the world?!

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