Igor & Gloria


Igor and Gloria begin their career in the year 2023, uniting styles that they perfected for years with their previous partners.
They unite sensuality and elegance with energy and explosiveness.

Gloria started dancing at the age of 15. It is in the year 2011 when Jose and Gloria come together. They participate in various Bachata competitions such as BachataOpen, Bachatarte, Bachata World Congress or World Latin Cup in Miami. Until 2015 we were traveling together through countries like Spain, Portugal or Dubai.
In the year 2016, Truji and Gloria start dancing together. In 7 years they managed to become one that represents Bachata Sensual Couple internationally, standing out for their methodology, sensuality and elegance in their dance.

Originally from Moldova, Igor Rotaru Maidan began his career in August 2016, the year in which he decided to dedicate himself professionally to Bachata and to demonstrate his talent on stages all over the world nationally and internationally.
Based in Spain for 17 years now he had initially began his career in acrobatics in his country of origin where he became a star in this discipline.
Once in Spain he formed part of the Contemporary Dance Company of Alberto Pineda in 2014 during which he toured the country presenting his show.
Although his training in Latin dance initially focused on Salsa, he later decided to do everything possible to create a professional partnership in the world of bachata.
It was then that Igor dedicated all his efforts to Bachata.
He was at the top of the podium, thus gaining titles such as Bachata Open World Runners-up, or third-placed in the Bachata World Championship.
With his previous partner, Rocío, they managed to become one of the benchmark points of Bachata worldwide, traveling all over the world, giving their classes and shows in countries such as China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and India. And much of Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and many more).

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