Ilias Thermos & Eleni


“My name is Ilias Thermos and I’m passionate about one thing more than anything else: Mambo. In 2008 as a young dancer, I made the transition from the powerful world of b-boying to the up-tempo Mambo.

Aiming to keep the tradition and vibe alive and also grow professionally, I spent two years in Milano where I was trained by the Master of Mambo Adolfo Indacochea and then joined his team, the prestigious Latin Soul Dancers .

Prior to Milan, I was a part of La Secta Dance Company in Greece and participated in a plethora of dance events around the world.
Having a need to create something of my own I started working with my first partner travelling around the world as an independent artist. I continue travelling and teaching at some of the most famous festivals in Europe and in the US

I currently live in Athens where I teach my own classes dancing to the beat of the New York Style Salsa and Mambo with ‘vigor injections’ of Pachanga, Cha Cha & Boogaloo.”

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