Lukasz & Ewa (Loftodance)


Founder and creator of Graduate of Polish Academy for Dramatic Arts, teacher at Cracow Academy of Music, dancer, actor, choreographer, director. He is interested in interactions between dancers, the matter of improvisation and contact between partners. Gives classes at biggest dance congresses in Poland and abroad, as well as numerous workshops. Has created choreographies e.g. in the Polish edition of “Dancing with the Stars” TV show. Has created a dance spectacle in Krakow Opera (a musical performed by 150 children and finalists of vocal TV shows). He dances, because he likes to.

Dance was always present in her life. After practicing ballet, gymnastics and other forms of dance, she’s sunk into bachata. She teaches it in in Krakow and at numerous workshops and festivals in Poland and abroad. She dances not for visual effect, but for the pleasure of being close to the other person and having a wordless conversation. What she loves in dancing and in teaching is meeting people and watching how they gain self-confidence and open up. During classes she pays attention to the precision of leading by men and a proper bodymovement and strengthening natural sexappeal by ladies.

As a dance couple they play with each other on the dancefloor and play with the group during classes. At the same time, they solidly teach the technique and show the way leading to a certain effect, rather than showing only the final effect itself. So you will not learn a formal combination, but you’ll open your mind and creativity! They put a biggest emphasis on the relation and game between partners and to WHAT they want to express. Then they teach HOW to express it. 100% of professionalism and fun! These workshops will be different than anything you’ve experienced.

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