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Nayoum Kizafro from Bordeux, France!
The music.
Have you heard of Afrobeats? It is an umbrella term to describe popular music from West Africa and the diaspora. It initially developed in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK. It is now extremely popular in the street dance circles. It is part of Kizomba parties. Sometimes even brazilian zouk dancers use it, it is also all over the radio, cafes and shopping malls 🙂 There is a modern afro dance that goes with it. El sol is up to date with the new trends and we will teach you how to dance it.

The dance.
In kizomba this dance is a base just like Afrocuban dances for salseros and bachata dominicana for bachateros. Afro class is also a great developing technique for all style dancers, for their grounding and body control. Afro is a word that defines a range of dances: traditional dance of the Caribean and Africa, countries such as: Sounth Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Gabon
Nowadays we have access to some modern dances of Africa:
-Ndombolo from to Kongo
-Coupe décalé is from Ivory Coast
-Kuduro Afrohouse from Angola

The Afro Class.
In Afro style you learn disociation, body control, grounded walking, weight transfer and footwork. All this enhances your kizomba and urban kiz style. Classes will last 90 mins so you can have a deep experience. You will receive tips on how to ground your walking, work the musicality, develop you body control, master your ginga for the kizomba and urban dance.
Nayoum’s Afro Style Class helps you develop awareness of your own body and gives you tools for you to push your kizomba style to the next level.

About Nayoum.
Originally from Comoro Islands living in Bordeoux, France Fell in love with dance seriously in 2012 and has been teaching since 2016. Now, sucessfully running his BKC: Bordeaux Kizomba Crew
This is how it is done:

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