Oksana Sidorskaya


Oksana Sidorskaya (Ukraine, Kiev) is well known in such areas as Body Control, Lady Style, TarraXo, UrbanKiz, Footwork. Her videos gained millions of views and she collaborated with many famous artists. She is trend maker, organizer, producer, instructor and artist.
For the first time Oksanа came to the world of social dances in 2007- it was latin ones and later she tried all kinds of dances: Cuban salsa, salsa on l, on 2, reggaeton, bachata sensual. Later on dancing inspired her to study directing and choreography and the knowledge she gained Oksana uses successfully in her work. In 2014 she fell in love with Kiz direction of dancing. She is sensual, plastic and graceful. Oksana has a great experience in teaching, performance competitions and dance shows, participation in dance videos.
Oksana appreciates musicality and connection in the couple, in dancing she’s looking for sharing pleasure and fun with the partner.

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