Stavros & Kathrine


Individually, they both boast impressive and diverse dancing backgrounds, accumulating nearly 8 years of experience in various styles, such as Salsa, Latin Ballroom, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Musical and more, but their primary focus and dedication, lies in the captivating world of Bachata.

Through their collective efforts, they have participated in numerous competitions, achieving the esteemed title of x2 Greece Bachata Stars Champions. Their outstanding accomplishment allowed them to represent Greece twice in the highly-regarded World Bachata Stars Champions, where they impressively secured a spot in the top 10!

To continually enhance their skills and artistry, Stavros and Kathrine actively seek knowledge and inspiration from esteemed instructors worldwide. They relentlessly pursue excellence and have undertaken lessons with renowned teachers, solidifying their position as seasoned performers.

The couple’s endless passion, unique style, and boundless energy are profoundly evident in their mesmerizing Video Clips and their frequent appearances at various dancing shows and events, but also through their performing and teaching at some of the top festivals in Europe.

Stavros and Kathrine are driven to continue their journey as a Bachata dance couple, while also leading their professional bachata team ‘La Influencia’ with their captivating performances and leaving a lasting impact on dance enthusiasts across the globe.”

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