Yoannis Tamayo


The master of Cuban son, afro and rumba. His dance style is so original that cannot be copied. He is full of energy. It wasn’t that long time ago that he worked as professional dancer in “Casa de la musica de la Trova” in Santiago de Cuba. Now, living in France, he works in few leading salsa dance schools. Also the founders “Eleggua Dance Company” from Paris were his students. The founder and the choreographer ,,Afro Fusion Dance Company”.
At first Yoannis began to dance Cuban son and casino. As advised by his teachers, he took up learning the Afro-Cuban dances. He mentions his style as “AfroFusion” which is a mix of different Cuban folkloric dances. “Our roots are more African than Spanish.
That’s why when you are dancing my style you have to take a bit of each: afro, son, salsa and rumba.” Yoannis’ carisma, energy and talent leave nobody indifferent.

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