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Special Deals

Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Christmas VIP elSol Spring+Fall Ticket.

1.Ticket includes 2 VIP passes for one participant for two events: elSol 2023 SPRING EDITION! and elSol 2023 FALL EDITION organized by Chagowska Productions.

2.The ticket is purchased through the form at

3.The participant receives a ticket with qr code for the elSol 2023 FALL EDITION event, and will receive the qr code for the elSol 2023 SPRING EDITION event within up to a week of purchase in a separate message.

4. Christmas VIP elSol Spring+Fall ticket has a special price of 1199 PLN (259 EUR). The number of passes in the special promotion is limited.

5. A 14-day return policy (applies to the entire ticket) applies to the purchase of the pass. After the 14th day from the date of purchase, we do not accept pass returns regardless of the reason. This also applies to all accidents and emergencies.

6.After the 14th day from the date of purchase, there is no possibility to return the pass regardless of the reason, but there is a possibility to change the name on the tickets held (for each ticket, you can change the name separately). The rules for changing the name on a ticket are the same as for all other passes.
Please read carefully the full terms and conditions of purchasing tickets.