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How to join?

The long awaited moment has come – let’s start with registration for Stargate Shows during the EL SOL FESTIVAL – FALL EDITION 2023  in Katowice!
We want to create a space where you can show the world your hard work and open for you the doors that lead to the big stage.
During this special program, a jury made up of the top world-class dancers will choose the winners!
Feel the emotions, the thrill, the atmosphere, the stage and the spotlights focused just on you!
We have 3 SALSA categories, 10 places awaiting you in each one:
* SALSA – groups (show up to 3 minutes, groups up to 12 participants) – Saturday afternoon
* SALSA – soloist (show up to 2,5 minutes) – Sunday afternoon
* SALSA – duet (show up to 2,5 minutes) – Sunday afternoon
The performances will be assessed for technique, choreography, image and show.
Performances prepared for SALSA category are required to present SALSA dance technique – we approve of all styles: on1, on2, Cuban and related as well as possible fusions.
A dancer can participate in one category of Stargate Shows.
Performers and artists of the Festival’s line-up are not allowed to participate in Stargate Shows competitions.
The registration start 04.05.2023 and deadline falls on 30.09.2023 (or earlier in case there are no available places left in the chosen category).
3. The application should include:
*Names and surnames of the participants (additionally, an artistic pseudonym, the groups’ name and the list of dancers for GROUPS category)
*A description and a picture of the artist(s) and the show
*Music for the show in MP3 format
If you are interested in taking part in this year’s competition – please send your application to our coordinator at the following e-mail address:
4. The condition of participation in the competition is purchasing a PASS for EL SOL FALL 2023

The participants of the Stargate Shows get a 30% discount from the CURRENT PRICE OF THESE PASSES ON THE DAY OF THE PURCHASE.
The purchase should be done by applying through the website (
Please use the promo code you will receive with the confirmation of the acceptance of your application.

The PASS must be purchased within 21 days of submitting your application (deadline falls on 30th September 2023).

ATTENTION! Any delay in keeping this deadline will result in crossing you out of the Stargate Shows participant list.

ATTENTION! Sharing the Stargate Shows -30% promo code or using the Stargate discount by a person who, as a final decision, will not participate in the competition, will result in crossing out the whole group from the participant list. The discount applies only to dancers who will participate in the competition.

5. The discount for participating in Stargate Shows does not combine with other discounts or special offers.
If a participant is already in possession of a different type of PASS which has been bought before his/her application, it will be changed into PASS Stargate (70% of PASS price on the application day).
In such a case, depending on the amount that was initially paid, it may be necessary for the participant to pay the remaining amount to reach the 70% of the price of the PASS appropriate for the day of his/her application.
If the initially paid amount was higher than the 70% of the price of the PASS appropriate for the day of participant’s application, he/she will be able to use the excess amount as a discount for buying a pass for the next edition of the festival – excluding the Early Birds deal as well as other special offers.
6. Any changes to the members of a group can be submitted by the group’s trainer only. The person resigning from the group is required to pay the remaining amount to the full cost of a chosen pass from the offer current for the time of the resignation. Returning of the pass is not possible. New joiners of the group are required to purchase a PASS with Stargate Shows -30% discount according to the pricing at the moment of the change.

Final deadline for changes in group members is 30th September 2023.

Stargate Pass is not subject to regular resale rules. The Stargate Pass is registered at a higher discount, which means that if a participant is unable to attend an event then they have two options
-sell the pass to another participant who takes part in the Stargate Shows competition
-selling the pass to a participant who is not participating in the Stargate Shows competition, but in this situation a surcharge is required on the price of the pass in the regular sale or sale with the standard group discount.
Registering for the competition involves acceptance of the above regulations. In the case of groups, the group’s trainer is obliged to inform the participants about the above rules.
Take the challenge and join the competition! 🙂