Live Concert Septeto Acarey at elSol 2024

16 November 2024

For all passes holders

Hall C

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Live Concert Septeto Acarey at elSol 2024

We have chosen Septeto Acarey as highlight of elSol festival 2024 because their music caters for both Cuban and other styles salsa lovers.

We have fallen in love with „Fragil”, „Enamorate Bailando” and „La Balanza”.

Listen for yourself. Our salsa DJs have prepared this playlist for you:

The concert will be taking place at 21.00 on Saturday, 16th of November 2024.

It is included in VIP and FUll Passes. You can also purchase a separate SAT Party Ticket to spend the Saturday evening with their music, as well as see the shows and enjoy dances on 5 dance floors: salsa, bachata, Kizomba, urban kiz and cuban.

Latin music group Septeto Acarey is from Lima, Peru. Their music has strong roots in the Salsa style and is infused with a contagious energy that is unavoidably difficult to resist. The band’s players are extremely talented and have perfected the knack of incorporating their enthusiasm for music into performances. Their use of music as a form of self-expression is a reflection of their culture and tradition.

Traditional Latin rhythms are combined with a contemporary touch in Septeto Acarey’s music. Their fast-paced beats, energetic horn sections, and catchy melodies are what make their music unique and are sure to get people up and dancing. The band stands apart from other Latin music bands thanks to the distinctive sound of their music. Their fast-paced beats, energetic horn sections, and catchy melodies are what make their music unique and are sure to get people up and dancing. If you enjoy Latin music, this band is definitely worth checking out.

Septeto Acarey has a sizable fan base all around the world because to their music, which combines traditional salsa and contemporary Latin pop. “Eres Mi Sueno,” “Esta Noche Pinta Bien,” “Fragil,” “Enamorate Bailando,” “La Balanza,” “Baila Contigo,” “El Afortunado,” “Fragil – En Vivo,” “Siempre Sere (Homenaje to Tito Rojas),” and “Ponme una Cerveza” are some of their most well-known songs.

The upbeat and entertaining song “Enamorate Bailando” exhorts listeners to dance and have fun. The salsa single “La Balanza” has upbeat horns and rhythm, and the love song “Baila Contigo” talks about meeting someone special while dancing. While “Fragil – En Vivo” is a live rendition of the aforementioned well-known ballad, “El Afortunado” is a lighthearted song about being fortunate in love. The songs “Ponme una Cerveza” and “Siempre Sere (Homenaje a Tito Rojas)” are both celebrations of the late salsa artist Tito Rojas.

Due to the traditional and contemporary blending in Septeto Acarey’s music, it is well-liked by listeners of all ages. Their music is perfect for dancing to and enjoying life because of their uplifting rhythms, appealing tunes, and passionate vocals. Many people now consider their songs to be anthems, and with each new album they put out, their popularity increases.

We’re excited to host them for the first time ever in Poland.

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