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Basic informations about ELSOL FALL EDITION

MCK Katowice Address: Slawik and Antall Square 1, 40-163 Katowice

Dance shoes and clothes will be sold by our vendors, specialists in dance fashion. Also you can buy a festival’s t-shirt.


Yes. You can select the wish to receive an invoice in the registration form. Such an invoice comes by email to the address provided by the participant at the registration. 

If the invoice has not arrived, please contact

Yes, all information about this can be found in our terms and conditions of sale: HERE.

Sales of some tickets are sometimes suspended due to the ratio, often when the ratio is balanced we reopen sales.

Some tickets are put on sale later, with the extension of the festival’s offer. Party passes and single party passes go on sale later than workshop passes.

Yes you can, provided that the pool of a given ticket is not exhausted. Buying a ticket on site always carries a higher price. The purchase is made only with cash (PLN,EUR).

Discounts on festival tickets are only available from promoters/ambassadors of our festival. The organizer does not issue discounts directly to participants.

Those interested in a discount for the festival should contact any of our ambassadors.

Don’t worry, we will sort it out for you, email us at

No, this type of pass includes only extra workshop. To see description check Extra Workshop section under this link: HERE.


Yes, we have a special beginner pass for only beginners workshops – total of 8 hours. Teachers are prepared to teach you from 0, no previous knowledge is needed. You jump into this new adventure safely.

No, we only sell weekend packages called PASSES.

No, teachers manage classes in a way where you partner up with someone you don’t know and then there is a rotation, a change of partners managed by the teacher. This is how you get to know people and get dance partners.

Yes you can, you just need to mention it to the teacher because he will make people change partners.

Yes you can, everybody dances with everybody. Men follow and women also lead.

There is no dress code. Workshops tend to be sportive and casual, nights elegant, also in a modern, jeans version. To get an idea you can take a look at our facebook pictures. Clothes tend to be tight, it is more comfortable for dancing.

Teachers usually start with a warm up to avoid injuries. Then in a solo class they build up a routine slowly and you work on it throughout the hour. If it is a partnerwork class, a teacher can make you dance in a couple for 3 mins to check the level and then they start to teach a partnerwork routine. They will make you change partners several times during the class.

Yes there will be Social during the day for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, all on separate floors with separate DJs.

During workshops, it is possible to record footage only at the end and only with the express permission of the lead instructor. Additional possibility of recording is available to accredited journalistic teams with proper permission.During events, filming of demonstrations or social dancing on the dance floor is not prohibited as long as it doesn’t interfere with the party. It is forbidden to bring additional lighting or commercial banners.

Yes, a checkroom will be available on site for participants. There will be a charge for it.

Catering will be available all the time until 1 am. During the night also snacks and hot pizza will be served. Breakfast is also available. Drinks at the bars will be available for purchase throughout the event.

Unfortunately, you can not. Only people with the proper festival wristband are allowed to enter the workshop halls.

A participant receives one wristband for the entire festival for a given package. I.e., he receives more than one wristband when he has purchased an additional package such as Bootcamp. We do not issue participants a new wristband every day (!!!)

For workshops – you can.
For events – you can not.

No, parking is arranged by each participant individually. If the participant uses parking on the premises then all payments must be settled with the administration of the facility. 

As a festival, we follow the government’s recommendations on this issue. Currently, there are no additional restrictions and requirements. However, if the situation in the country changes, we reserve the right to introduce appropriate rules so that the festival is safe for all participants. We expect our participants to be responsible and not to show up at the festival in case of illness.


Yes. We’re curious about your product. Go to this section: HERE.

Yes, we’d love to work with you. You can become our ambassador. See how it works: HERE.

Yes, volunteers are welcome, please go to this dedicated section

Yes! All details you can find HERE.

Check our partner section LINK


No, because it is a congress center. There is a large hotel base around – we are pointing you to 11 hotels. 

Yes, you can purchase rooms in 3 hotels from us. 
Information: HERE.  The remaining ones are book directly at the hotel with a discount.
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