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How to get there by air?

Katowice has a great location – more to the South and West of Europe. All major Airlines fly to Katowice or Cracow (Kraków).

From Katowice just take a Bus, Uber or Bolt. All These will take you to the City Center.
Check out our tips on how to get from Katowice Pyrzowice Airport to Katowice City Center.

From Cracow you take a bus and reach Katowice city center within 45-60mins. 
Check out our tips on how to get from Cracow to Katowice.

You can also fly to Warsaw and get on a train, the fastest one takes 2hrs 19mins. 
Trains can be booked here:

Good luck! Ask us anything and see you in November!

How to get there by train?

We have researched the train connections from nearby major cities. This is how fast trains from the following cities will bring you to Katowice:
    • Warsaw 2hrs 19mins
    • Prague 5hrs 35mins
    • Bratislava 5hrs 41mins
    • Lviv 6hrs 07mins
    • Vienna 6hrs 27mins
    • Berlin 6hrs 51mins
    • Budapest 7hrs 17mins
    • Munich 11hrs 21mins
    • Vilnius 13hrs 06mins
    • Kiev 14hrs 15mins
    • Cluj-Napoka 16hrs 23mins
See you in Katowice!
Search for trains here:

How to get there by the car?

You can reach Katowice by an international motorway.
We have prepared for you some routes from major european cities. Take a look at the image.

The MCK center has no parking around the building but 210meters away there is a NOSPR (National Polish Radio Symphony Orquestra) which has 609 parking spots. It is for free from Friday 17.00 till Monday 7.00. Otherwise it costs 10PLN (around 2.4Eur). It takes 3 mins to walk to the venue.

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