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  1. Where is the festival taking place?
    The festival takes place at 3 hotels:
    ul, Komitetu Obrony Robotników 24, 02-148 Warsaw
    Sound Garden Hotel
    ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1802-092 Warsaw
    Novotel Airport Hotel
    ul. 1 Sierpnia 1, 02-134 Warsaw
    Al. Krakowska 237, 02-180 Warsaw

    Workshops and the so-called Day Social are held at all four hotels, while all evening events are held at the Airport Hotel.
    More details:

  2. Will there be transportation facilities for participants?
    Yes, during the day there will be shuttle buses between the Airport Hotel and the Sound Garden Hotel and Novotel Airport Hotel.
  3. What is the distance between the Hotels?
    7-10 minutes using public transportation or by car.
  4. Is the hotel booking made through the festival organizer?
    No. Participants arrange all matters related to hotel reservations directly with the Hotels. Unfortunately, we also do not have discounts for reservations.


  1. How can I purchase a ticket?
    Through the form on our website
  2. Can I receive an invoice?
    Yes. To receive an invoice just write a message to An invoice is issued within 2 weeks. You should request an invoice no more than one week after the end of the festival.
  3. Can I give/exchange/transfer my ticket to someone else?
    Yes, all information about this can be found in our sales regulations
  4. I have unused funds from canceled/transferred festivals. Can I use them?
    Yes, information on the rules for transferring funds can be found here:
  5. If I have purchased a ticket for 2020 or 2021, does it automatically transfer to other events?
    No, this should be reported according to
  6. Does a Bootcamp or Lab ticket include other festival attractions?
    No, the Bootcamp or Lab ticket is only valid for Bootcamp or Lab classes. To be able to enter other attractions of the festival, you need to purchase the corresponding pass.
  7. Why aren’t some tickets on sale?
    Sales of some tickets are sometimes suspended due to the ratio, often when the ratio is equalized we resume sales.
    Some tickets go on sale later, as the festival’s offerings expand. Party passes and single event passes go on sale later than workshop passes.
  8. Is it possible to purchase festival tickets on the spot?

    Yes you can, provided that the amount of a particular ticket is not sold out. Buying a ticket on site always carries a higher price. The purchase is made only with cash (PLN,EUR).
  9. Can I get a discount for the festival?
    Discounts on festival tickets are only available from promoters/ambassadors of our festival. The organizer does not issue discounts directly to participants.
    Those interested in a discount for the festival should contact any of our ambassadors.
  10. Can I become a festival promoter?
    Yes, all inquiries should be directed to:

Any other ticket information will appear as the offer expands throughout the year.

The event program and info about the event

  1. Is it possible to film and take photos during the screenings/events/workshops?
    During workshops, it is possible to record footage only at the end and only with the express permission of the lead instructor.
    Additional possibility of recording is available to accredited journalistic teams with proper permission.
    During events, filming of demonstrations or social dancing on the dance floor is not prohibited.
  2. Is there a changing room for participants?
    Yes, a changing room for participants will be available at the venue in each hotel. There may be a charge for it.
  3. Is there catering? When / Where can you get something to eat?
    Catering will be available at the lunch break and at the end of the workshop.
    Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase throughout the event.
  4. Will there be a Social Dance (event during the day)?
    Yes there will be – on three dance floors appropriately in all three hotels.
  5. Is it possible to enter the hall just to “watch” the workshops? (Because, for example, my boyfriend/wife, sister, my child, etc. is dancing)
    Unfortunately, you can’t. Only people with the appropriate festival wristband are allowed to enter the workshop halls.
  6. Do I get one festival wristband, or is there a different one for each day?
    A participant receives one wristband for the entire festival for a given package. I.e., he receives more than one wristband when he has purchased an additional package such as Bootcamp.
    We do not issue participants a new wristband every day (!!!).
  7. Can you bring your own drinks to workshops and events?
    For workshops – you can.
    For events – you can not.
  8. Does the organizer provide parking for participants?
    No, parking is to be arranged by each participant individually. If the participant uses the hotel parking lot, all fees must also be paid at the hotel.
  9. Are there COVID-19 procedures in place?
    As a festival, we follow government recommendations on this issue. Currently, there are no additional restrictions and requirements. However, if the situation in the country changes, we have the right to implement appropriate rules so that the festival is safe for all participants. We expect our participants to be responsible and not to show up at the festival in case of illness.
  10. Can I become a volunteer at the festival?
    Yes, applications should be sent to


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