Become our Partner

Advertise your event or another project at elSol. Set up you roll up banner and flyers and get your add on our screens.

What we offer

We can support your business by offering:

  • a spot for your banner (size max 200/200cm).
  • 10 sec add display on screens in 4 rooms (salsa, bachata and kizomba) in a loop that will be played all night except for the artistic program, also before the shows
  • 1 post on fb (25000 followers) and 1 on instagram (23400 followers), 1 newsletter to 14 000 readers
  • exposure to 5000 participants during the event

Who we’re looking for

Any company that has a product or service that would be valuable for our participants:
  • drinks, healthy snacks, supplements
  • clothing and shoes, towels
  • accessorize, jewellry, waist bags, anything to store cards and phone and keep on you while dancing
  • make up, haidresser, braids
  • massage
  • effective crossporomotion
Let us know!

Ask for the offer

Fill out this form or email the festival’s director Ania Chagowska:
Alternatively message her on facebook or instagram:

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