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Cracow - Katowice

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How to get from Cracow to Katowice

Landing in Kraków Balice? These are you options getting to Katowice:

Option #1 bus

1. Purchase your bus ticket in advance (at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival date) to ensure You’ll have a spot. Prices are around 12-15 EUR for a one way transfer.

2. When arriving to Kraków Balice Airport head to the stop for private long distance buses that is located in the central bus shelter marked with the number 2- in the area of the terminal footbridge.

3. To the bus driver you will need to show an online or printed out ticket confirmation with a bar code or QR code. You will be asked to show your ID as well.

4. Upon arriving to Katowice you will come to International Bus Station located 7mins walking from the City Center and the Railway Station. You may walk to the City Centre or use Uber/Bolt/Taxi to get You to the hotel.
City buses are departing from the International Bus Station as well.
You can check itineraries via:

Option #2 Taxi

1. Pre-book your trip via the website below. 

Provide as many details as You can, including flight number, if you have registered luggage or only carry on one. If you are a non-EU resident and will need to go through the border control upon arriving, provide that info too. Driver will be checking if there are any delays and will estimate time for your pick up.
Driver will wait at the arrival hall with your name or taxi company logo.

2. The price is fixed from Balice Airport to Katowice City Center and it is 300PLN (approx 67EUR). You can pay by card or in Polish złoty. All El-Sol hotels, except Park-Inn are in the city center area. To the Park-Inn hotel you might be charged some additional regular City fee.
If You are arriving with a group of 3+ people, request a combi or van with an uplift payment of 20PLN

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