24 TIMES ASIAN CHAMPION: Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa (Partnerwork & Solo)

Fluent in AFRO-LATIN DANCE STYLES: Kizomba, Fusion, Tarraxo, Tarraxinha, Urban Kiz, Douceur, Bachata Dominicana, Sensual, Moderna & Salsa.

Experienced in STREET & CLUB DANCE STYLES: Popping, Afro House, NY House, Hiphop, Top Rock, Locking, Krump, Indian Folk dances & Bollywood

Trains hundreds of dancers and teachers across the world with his specialized courses on Mastering Sharp and In-depth Musicality, which brings a unique blend of Street dance concepts & Afro Latin Techniques.

He has done 260+ WORKSHOP TOURS & 80 FESTIVALS:

Thousands of hours of Trainings, Social dancing, Judging and Teaching in:

WORLD TOUR: France, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Italy, Denmark, Albania, Serbia, Egypt, Dubai, India, China, Dubai, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam and Europe.

He has 17+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: With his varied Experience in performing arts, Dance, Musicality, Theatre & Acting, He has an insane connection with his audiences and uses his Sharp Communication & Dance Psychology skills to bring out the best in you regardless of your level of dancing.

Sanjay is passionate about TARRAXO & KIZ FUSION: A popular name in the Dance world, He has been Instrumental in pioneering his own unique interpretation of KIZOMBA FUSION & TARRAXO and spreading the same all around the world.

He is ALL-ROUND INFLUENCER: A Crowd Favourite with the organisers for having Influenced hundreds of audiences to their festivals, Whether it be his WORKSHOPS, SOCIAL DANCING, POWERFUL PERFORMANCES & ANIMATIONS. He brings out the best of his magic, By benefiting both the organizers and the students in any style of event.

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