Adolfo has a 20 years long history of career. He became the most wanted mambo artist while he was based in Italy, Milan, where he created the Latin Soul Dancers and Mamboland concept. He has travelled the entire world in multiple duets and brought his team all over. He has trained artists from schratch, He structured his dance to a point that it is accessible for everybody who is willing to invest time and effort.Currently he is involved in perfecting his new project: the first dance school ever founded by an known international salsa artists in NYC in Times Square – Empire Mambo. Nowadays he persforms and teaches with Tania in a legendary duet and runs Empire Mambo/Latin Soul Dancers team which consists of NYC top dancers. Adolfo and Tania are the most influencial mambo couple of our generation.

Born in Sri Lanka, but raised in Italy, Tania Cannarsa is a great star in the salsa world known for her natural smoothness and mambo style dancing.
Tania began studying dance when was only 10 years old. She started taking classical ballet classes, eventually adding jazz and lyrical dance to her repertoire.
Gaining experiences and improving skills, she spent the following five years with “Latin Black”. After this Tania continued with Marco Beretta´s Company “Flamboyant Dancers” with which she progressively acquired New York Style dancing skills. Hereafter, Tania started her career as a professional dance instructor with her dancing partner Jonathan Somoza before going on to become principle dancer with Adolfo Indacochea’s Latin Soul Dancers.
Now, Tania is one of the most sucessful and sought Latin dancer in world of salsa and mambo. Meet and learn from Tania and don’t forget to catch her at the dance floor! She has been part of el sol since 2012.

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