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His Fusion classes attract people who look for an alternative interpretation and for “something more” Marco adds on top of salsa some contemporary moves and flow, makes it more challenging. His choreographies are a real spectacle, perfectly excecuted difficult and different moves in sync with the team. Marco Ferrigno began his career at the age of 12, he took part in other dances’ competitions. In 2000 he discovered salsa and perfected himself in various dance styles such as flamenco, modern jazz, salsa ny style, afro and rumba. He began his professional career with one of the most recognized and important NY dancers of Dominican origins, Juan Matos who became his teacher and with whom he danced for several years together in a group. In 2008 he decided to embark on his career as a soloist and in pairs with Haridian Buenavente and then Natalia Lopez Toledano and Jessica Quiles (multi-champion in the most important salsa competitions); at the same time he founded his company “Ansima production ballet” with which he treads the stages of the most important congress worldwide. He is still today, after 15 years, one of the most requested performers and masters in all events. During the last decade he has also staged two hour-long productions “poesia” and “the pure” both lasting an hour of pure dance between salsa dancing and a mix of Latin rhythms enjoying considerable success and confirming himself as one of the most innovative and whimsical choreographers on the world stage.
In 2015 he began a collaboration with one of the most internationally recognized salsa dancers Karel Flores of New York, with whom he danced in a duet for 3 years.
In 2015 he founded his own ABC STUDIOS academy in the province of Milan together with another important personality in the salsa world and creator of the Los Angeles Style – Jhonny Vasquez.
He has also collaborated for events and bootcamps with other leading exponents of the genre such as Fernando Sosa and Maykel Fonts.
During his career he has been a judge of many competitions both in Europe and in South America and in 2015 he won the prize for “best salsa choreographer” in Cannes during the Cannes Salsa Festival.
Marco is celebrating 22 years of professional career in 2023, for the 21° aniversary he hosted in Milano an event attended by more than 2000 people.

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